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Dusk settles in and your excitement mounts as the Starlite Drive-In comes into view. Its pink neon sign steers you into the ticket lane. From there you begin the slow crawl towards the giant screen. You dim your car's lights. You hear the gravel crunching under your car's tires as you eye a primo parking spot. Good-time music comes from the speaker as you nestle it on the window and crank the volume knob. There's still time to visit the concession stand! You've got your hot, fresh popcorn and your icy cold Coke and your girlfriend or your pals are by your side. The night air is crisp and clear and the stars are bright and high in the sky. Now, sit back, relax and enjoy the show!

It may have been the Starlite Drive-In, or the Pioneer, or -- whatever its name, this is YOUR old drive-in. Share your experiences here: movies you saw, dates you had, sneaking out and sneaking in. Write about the drive-in movies, the cars, the girls -- the whole drive-in experience!

But don't forget to replace your speaker before you go!

The Joe Bob Briggs Drive-In Theater Oath: "We are drive-in mutants. We are not like other people. We are sick, we are disgusting. We believe in blood and breasts and in beasts. If life had a vomit meter, we'd be off the scale. As long as one drive-in remains on the planet Earth, we will party like jungle animals, we will boogie 'til we puke, the drive-in will never die. Amen."

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